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How Gadgets Are Helping Disabled People with Routine Jobs

With an average of one out of every five people in Australia having a disability, it is important that they find tools and gadgets to help them be as independent as possible. Modern development of prosthetics is giving people with disabilities the ability to move around on their own, and to perform many basic tasks. Independence is also improved by the availability of devices that make it possible for people with disabilities to mow lawns, cook and even clean their houses.

Gadgets for Yard Work

The type of gadgets that can help with yard work, such as mowing the lawn, depends on the nature of the disability. For people with leg issues ride on mowers are good choices. A zero turn mower can be helpful to anyone who has mobility problems. Some of the benefits of a zero turn mower that make it such a good choice are:

  • They are easy to use as you control the movement of the mower with just your hands.
  • They have a smaller turning radius which makes it easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces with little effort.
  • It takes less time than other mowers to cut the same size lawn.
  • Another great benefit of this type of mower is how close it cuts, reducing the need to use a trimmer to get to some areas. For someone with mobility issues this is a big plus.

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Managing in the House

Inside the house, the kitchen is another area where available adaptive gadgets are making life so much easier for people with disabilities.  While paid helpers or family members or friends can do major housework, with a few gadgets, it is still possible for the person with disabilities to do some things for themselves. Adaptive devices available for use in the home include:

  • Items made for use by one-handed people such as cutting boards with suction cups on the bottom to prevent slipping.
  • Special stationary vegetable peelers are good for persons who have arthritic hands.
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners can move around on their own and help to keep the floor clean.

For many people, whether because of advancing years or physical disability, using traditional gadgets in the home can be difficult. However, they still want to have a sense of purpose and to be as independent as they can be. Losing independence can be especially hard for people who were previously active, so any device that improves their quality of life is worth considering.